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Stepping into the Stream - DVD Running time: 43 min.
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Copyright and Use Agreement for The Sum Total of Our Memory

If you are showing the film anywhere outside your home, you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate license for your institution. The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code) governs how copyright materials, such as movies, may be used. The present copyright law establishes the principal that a copyright is property and no one can use someone else’s property without permission of the owner or the owner’s licensing agent. To protect this property right, the law gives the copyright owner the right to license any public performance of the work and to charge a fee when others use the protected work.

A tiered pricing option is offered according to the general usage for each type of organization.  These prices are based on industry standards used by most independent film producers. As independent filmmakers, we rely on public support to keep producing documentary films and making them available to the public. All of the proceeds from these sales go directly into paying off post-production costs, paying our staff, producing new content, and distributing the film to you.

By purchasing this film, you agree to all the Copyright and Use Agreement terms as stated below.

1. Barbara Klutinis has the exclusive copyrights to film Stepping into the Stream. The sale of this DVD does not constitute a transfer of copyright interest to any purchaser nor does it permit any purchaser to copy, digitize or stream the film.

2. Individuals-Home Use ONLY
A film purchased under the Home Use Only category shall be for personal and home use only.

3. Public Libraries/ Community Groups/Non-profits
A film purchased under this category may be screened publicly at libraries, senior living community groups, advocacy organizations, and other non-profits. It includes an unlimited public performance license at one facility only.

4. College/University/Business
A film purchased under this category may be screened publicly at higher education institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, graduate schools, advanced degree programs, medical education institutions, and commercial businesses.