1. The Global FlyFisher, November 2011 by Martin Joergensen

Stepping into the Stream is a film about women’s fly fishing.
The following are Q&A excerpts from questions to filmmaker Barbara Klutinis and interviewer Martin Joergensen.

“Joergensen:  There are no men at all in the video. Coincidence or on purpose?”
“Klutinis: On purpose. The whole notion of the film was to give voice to women where there has been little representation. I have seen tons of men fishing on TV, in magazines, in ads, in newspapers. How often have you seen anything about women on the streams? It’s happening more and more, but I wanted to claim our place on the streams, to say that, “hey, we’re here too, and we’re having fun!”

2. “The Women Who Love Fly Fishing” The Noe Valley Voice, by Heather World; April 2010

“Around the time her college-bound children began leaving her Cesar Chavez Street home, filmmaker Barbara Klutinis got hooked on a new passion: fly-fishing. The sport became so meaningful to her she made a documentary about it.”

“In peaceful outdoor settings and sometimes with water splashing up to their knees, the women in the film describe how they took up fly-fishing, what it was like in the early days when few women practiced the sport, and how fly-fishing influenced their relationships with nature and helped them through challenging times.”

3. “HATCH awards announced” The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Oct. 6, 2010

HATCH is a nonprofit organization designed to develop and foster the growth of creative minds in various industries through mentorship, exposure and networking. The organization’s Groundbreaker Awards are presented to college students and up-and-coming talent from around the world.

The Hybridlife Award went to Barbara Klutinis of San Francisco for her film, Stepping into the Stream, about women connecting with nature and a deeper part of themselves. Klutinis received $500 cash.

4. California Fly Fisher August 2010: Stepping into the Stream DVD review by Richard Anderson.

“..Barbara Klutinis has crafted a work that exquisitely articulates the pleasures all of us find in fly fishing. There is much wisdom in this contemplative, often lyrical film, and at the very least it reminds us, once again, that catching fish is only one element of angling, and perhaps not the most important element, at that. ”
Richard Anderson, California Fly Fisher, August 2010

5. California Fly Fisher, October 2010 by Bud Bynack

“California Confluences: Barbara Klutinis”

“In a short review of the film, Anne Vitale notes that one way to view it is as a ‘short history of women’s fly fishing’ and thus as a contribution to the general lore of fly fishing, a contribution that is ‘long overdue.'”

“The Film should become a go-to-resource for anyone who wants to understand fly fishing’s appeal or explain it to others.”
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