Photo Gallery

These are photos from Stepping into the Stream.  Some are text and image from the film and some are photos of women fishing in many different rivers in the U.S.

The rivers are varied, from the Fall River in Northern California, to the Firehole in Yellowstone National Park, to Salt Creek in Idaho and the American and Upper Sacramento Rivers in Northern California. Several of the photos are from Casting for Recovery Retreats in Northern California and other states.

women fishing in Salt Creek Idaho

Lelia Lanctot fishing in Salt Creek Idaho

Barbara Klutinis on Firehole River

Filmmaker Barbara Klutinis filming on the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

Fall River grasses

Fall River Grasses, Northern California


Sandhill Crane in Montana

Women fishing CFR

Women fishing at a Casting for Recovery retreat

Women fishing at a Casting for Recovery Retreat


Fanny Krieger

Fanny Kreiger, interviewee at the Casting Ponds in San Francisco, California

Judith Brown women fishing

Judith Brown, one of the women fishing in a tributary of the Upper Sacramento River, Northern California

Jean Williams

Jean Williams, interviewee

Lori Ann Murphy

Lori Ann Murphy, Interviewee

Simone Geoffrion

Simone Geoffrion, Interviewee on the American River in Northern California

Title image from film

Title Image from Stepping into the Stream

Women fishing on the South Yuba River

Women fishing on the South Yuba River, Northern California

women fishing with CFR

Women fishing with Casting for Recovery


Text and image from the Fall River, Northern California