Stepping into the Stream is a fly fishing movie about women anglers.  The movie features women anglers who have contributed much to the sport of fly fishing.

Fanny Krieger: C0-Founder of Golden West Women’s Fly Fishers (GWFF) and Founder of International Women’s Fly Fishers (IWFF).

Lori-Ann Murphy: Former Director of Fishing, El Pescador, Belize.  Now owner and Co-Founder Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures.

Writer / Director / Editor / Camera:  Barbara Klutinis

Music Composition: Elise Lebec

Sound Design and Mix: Elise Lebec

Motion Graphics and Color Correction: Mat Baldwin

Editing Consultant: Estelle Gow

Production Assistance: Corol Ann Cary & Christine Fong

Location Scout: Corol Ann Cary

Yogini and Fall River poems by Judith Brown

Narrator: Barbara Klutinis

Fishing lady illustration and DVD title cards: Niko Mayer

Boat Drivers: Noel Cooley, Joann Wheatley & Diane Whitehouse

Interviewees: Cathy Baker, Simone Geoffrion, Fanny Krieger, Nancy Leavens, Lori-Ann Murphy, Jean Williams

Contributing photographers: Jim Adams, Cathy Baker, Casting for Recovery archives, GWWF Archives, Christine Fong, Fanny Krieger, Donna O’Sullivan, Walt Robinson, Glenda Smith, Tine Vieira, Doug Berry/

Final Cut Pro Assistance: Brian Omlor, Daniel Steiner & Stonestown Apple store teaching staff