Featured women anglers

Fly fishing women reflect on their connection to rivers, life’s experiences, and each other through their favorite sport. An ode to fly fishing as seen through the eyes of featured women anglers.

Stepping into the Stream is a combination of interviews, poetry and prose about rivers and their connection to life’s passages. Topics in this film include the following:  how women got into fly fishing, how fly fishing is different things to different people, how women have found our way in a male-dominated sport, how fly fishing has helped with some of life’s challenges, and the spiritual aspects of fly fishing, with an environmental note.  Featured in the film are some of fly fishing most revered women anglers such as Fanny Krieger, Lori Ann Murphy, and Jean Williams.  Other women anglers include Simone Geoffrion, Nancy Leavens, and Cathy Baker.

Fanny Krieger’s focus is her personal history of getting into fly fishing through her famous casting-instructor husband, Mel Krieger.  She also focuses on  how the fly fishing industry has changed over the years to include more women in a formerly male-dominated sport.  Lori Ann Murphy and Jean Williams relate their personal connections to Casting for Recovery, a fly fishing program dedicated to women with breast cancer.  Casting for Recovery offers 42 retreats across the country that combine breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.  Lori Ann and Jean have both participated in this program as casting instructors.  Each relates her personal experience helping women with breast cancer.  Simone Geoffrion brings humor and candidness to the film when she shares her story of how fly fishing saved her life at a time when she was headed for a heart attack.  In short, each woman brings her unique perspective on the sport of fly fishing and its relevance to women all over the world.


Original format: mini DV

Running time: 43 minutes (alternate version 30 minutes)

Completed February 2010

Available Formats: DVD, mini DV, Beta SP (NTSC and PAL)

Genre: Documentary

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